12 Angry Men
This one was difficult. I attempted it the previous week only to be unhappy with my pose and the lighting. I had to find a way to enlarge the grain since both Grain and Noise in Photoshop is too fine by default. This is BIG grain. As you can see, I had to put me behind three actors and I figured it would be good to have my hand on the windowsill since anything like that adds to the realism. Highlight & Shadow filter also deployed. I spent an age trying to make eye contact with the dude Fonda is talking to, but I just couldn't get the eyeline right despite taking my picture umpteen times. I couldn't understand why that became so difficult. So, I went with a pondering look instead. One thing that occured to me after making this - there's a lot of headroom above Fonda where the cameraman hasn't followed him as he's bent down - so it's like the framing is such to accommodate me!  Blah.