Funny Face
A mini ambition realised. I finally get to appear with Audrey Hepburn. I really do understand her appeal - so watchable and cute. Camera loves her and all that. There's something about the colours and look of vistaVision which I love. Had to lose Fred Astaire from the frame to make way for me. A fun but tricky job - had a slightly moving camera making patching up the hole left by Fred's eradication not so straight forward. Warm skin a challenge, but creating a leather book with title worked out better and slightly easier than I thought. It's just a random web image skewed, flipped and distorted. Got to be accurate cutting around the hands - I have a steady hand but even so, a certain amount of repair work after is always necessary as it's very difficult to be completely accurate when Lassoing freehand. Magnetic Lasso is BRILLIANT - but even that needs guiding a fair bit. There have to be a few elements in place - degrees of difficulty or realism enhancers. With this picture, clearly it's putting me behind the book shelf and books. The other essential element of course is a recognisable star to appear alongside! Click: "The 3-Step Process"