Some Like It Hot
I initially chose another frame but it just didn't feel like I was going to be able to pull it off and there wasn't really enough room for me anyway. I then found this more agreeable grab later in the film. I punched myself repeatedly though when I realised I posed without the microphone wire - so, I photographed a length of hoover flex against green for the mic cable. Just one image and then copied it, chopped it about, rotated it, flipped it etc and joined the three bits togther. Found a retro mic image on the web, calculated the spotlight arc on me, added the obligatory blur, grain, noise and then it wasn't far off. Made a temporary seat comprising a large storage container mounted on an exercise bench for height and made sure I photographed me at the necessary low angle. The storage container covered in chromakey fabric of course. Selected me beloved monochrome and that's pretty much it.