Star Trek: Into Darkness Composite.
Time consuming, this one! Sent away for the top! Originally chose a different frame, but had to abandon due to not having the correct footwear. Set up a 'handrail' in front of green screen to rest hands on comprising two wooden bed slats joined together. 'Took up the slack' on the elasticated neck to match the crew. The replica shirt is very good (metal badge!), but it's not EXACTLY the same. Have been pretty thorough and it's paid off. I always bang on about lighting being the absolute crucial element of every picture - but as you can see, there were no dramatic shadows to contend with. This sort of clinical lighting gives me a 'win' and therefore a head start in the same way that black and white does. I simply loved Star Trek Beyond and it inspired me to make a Star Trek composite. The way I am though, I didn't have the patience to wait for the Beyond Blu-ray. The Into Darkness Blu more than sufficed though.