I watched a short called 'Jedi With A GoPro' and was absolutely fascinated to discover the Stormtroopers were not friends in costume, but motion capture animations. I decided there and then to get 'into' the world of motion capture - well, to a degree. It's a whole new world of geekdom, but I gained enough knowledge to put this little short short together.

I had the idea that everything the robot says is an insult, but that's as far as it went for months until my friend Chris said something like: "Let's just make something to see if the idea works and take it from there." I made him right - so I just put together a shot list and thought up a few lines. This is the result. The 'screenplay' isn't going to win any awards - but this short short is primarily to try out the techniques I've spent hour after hour practicing. No, I got that wrong, it's primarily about having UN!
 The amount of work that went into a single shot for our MoCap short short, The INSULTINATOR!